Saturday, May 2, 2015

My French Omelette

I have been trying to perfect the art of making french omelette for so long. At last I did it! I tried and tried but finally I did succeed. It all requires tonnes of patience and diligent handling. Well it turned out just right - soft, silky and smooth. 

I used king oyster mushrooms and liked the flavour. You could use any mushrooms - white button, brown cremini or enochi etc. 

Here's the recipe.

Eggs- 1
Milk - 2 tbs
Salt to taste
Black Pepper- a pinch
Unsalted Butter - 1 tsp
Mushrooms chopped - 1 tsp 
Mozzarella cheese grated - 1 tbs

1.Lightly fry the chopped mushrooms. Remove and keep aside. Grate the mozzarella cheese.
2. Set the non-stick frying pan on low medium heat which is really important as we don't want a leathery texture.  
3. Whisk the egg well with salt, pepper and milk till it froths.
4. Add a blob of butter to the pan and as soon as it melts pour in the egg mixture. 
5. As the mixture begins to set, spread it around and swirl it lightly on top with a fork or chop sticks so that it resembles custard consistency. 
6. Now add the mushrooms and cheese. Let the heat be on low or medium low only. Do not raise the heat. 

7. Insert a spatula under the egg and slowly turn over and fold the edge on one side. Wait till it cooks a bit more taking care not to let it brown at all.
8. Fold over again on the exposed side, then turn over gently on the other side and slide it slowly onto the plate. Enjoy!